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Hiking: Stevens Trails 07.26.14

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Another late post...Saturday, July 26th, 2014 hike.

Today's hike trip is another close to Sacramento favorite of mine...Stevens's full of history and how cool is it that you walk along the canyon?!? Somewhat scary when you think about being on the edge of the mountain over a thousand or so feet high...but FUN! hehe

Location: Stevens Trail, Colfax, CA 95713
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 9 miles round trip, 4.5 miles one way, takes about 3-4 hours to finish
Parking: Free
Overview: Hike along the side of the canyon/mountain and enjoy the breathtaking view of the North American River. This hike is rich in history. It was used as a toll road for miners that needed to get from the mining town of Iowa Hill to the railroad town of Colfax. Along the trail, you can see the Union Pacific Railroad, which was constructed by Chinese workers in the 1860's as part of the original transcontinental railroad.

|-- Resources I've Used --|
- Every Trail: Stevens Trail Colfax - I kept going and stayed left until I can't go no more. =)
- AllTrails: Stevens Trail Colfax

|-- My Recommendation for Today's Hiking --|
GO THERE EARLY because it will get hot during the summer! Beside the usually good hiking shoes and a nice lunch or some power bars and other things, also remember 2-3 bottles of water/gatorade is a MUST especially during summer. Carry sunblock as you may need to reapply. Oh, OFF!, bug spray too!!! Also because trail starts off declining, meaning on the way back, you incline up!!!

Trail is nicely mark, so you won't get lost. Some areas of the trails are narrow, so be careful. A tip for this trail is stay on your left. Continue left until you can't continue the end of the trail...there are some campers there or at least the last 2-3 times I've went in 3 weeks. Once you are at the opening of the river, that's the end of your trail, then retrace your step back. I would not recommend bringing kids until you try this trail.

|-- My Today's Hiking Adventure Overview --|
Time: Started at 6a.m., Finished a little after 9ish a.m.
Weather: about 70ish, breezy in the morning, going back the sun started beating on us, light wind
Our Overview: This is the second time I've taken my mom and she said by starting our hike earlier made it a lot easier than the first time when we didn't start until almost 9am. The trail is super easy to follow. You start off declining through a very shady 1-2 miles, once you hike along the canyon the trail is pretty flat with no shades until you reach to the end of the river patches of shade. That's why I really recommend going there early. There is a cool cave, take some photos there too. Also once you reach to the end of the North American River, I believe you can go for a swim too. I've seen people swam...the water is super clear and super nice ;) This is a really nice hike, I would go there soon if anyone is up! ;)

|-- My Today's Hiking Adventure Pictures --|
Look at how cute my mommy is and of course my lovely sister, Elaine Hoang - who super looks like our mommy...she is mini-mommy! hehe I'm so glad my mom has been enjoying hiking with us. I've been bring her hiking ever week for the past month or or so and she've been loving it since... her face just lighten up....or maybe that's her glow from the sweat hehe. She actually wants more hiking days too - I see where I get my hike craze from haha!
|-- Special Thanks --|
Thanks Elaine for driving!!! And my mom for giving me more time to spend with her ;)

|-- Please Note --|
Pictures were approved before posting. This is based on my personal hiking experiences. Make adjustments as you go on more hikes, personal research, who you go with and the weather makes a huge differences. In my opinion, no trail is too hard, as long as you enjoy, plan it, take it easy, and most importantly HAVE FUN!!! You'll be GREAT! And what is a better way to combine hanging out and exercising and enjoying a good time.

Let me know if you have any questions. Please feel free to use the comments for questions. Your questions might be useful for others. Always feel free to share your photos too! Thanks!!!

Thanks for dropping by!!! =)
Love always, SMILE!!!

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