Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Stampin' Up: Happy Birthday Ribbon

Hi Everyone,

Putting myself on the task to create a card for a guy. I am telling you, it's a challenge for myself, because I always find it hard to not wanting to add some rhinestone, glitter, hearts, etc. to the card and to not make it pink!!! So it was a HUGE challenge for myself.

Well, lucky Stampin' Up has a good varies of stamp products and papers to help me through this challenge and what's a good occassion to give out a card, A BIRTHDAY CARD!!! And let me tell you, it was hard to not wanting to add a cute cupcake to the card, but every time I do, that means more blings on the card, which then turns out to be girly. So I didn't add a cupcake, instead, I used this wonderful pretty Stampin' Up Blue Ribbon stamp set and the perfect Stampin' Up Designer Paper to use was Travel Journal DSP. It is currently on the Clearance Rack item too! Get them before they are gone.

It was fun to make this card and super easy to make it again and again and again!!! The great thing about using the Stampin' Up Blue Ribbon is that, you can replace the middle of the ribbon with "Congrats Grad", "The Winner", "#1" or "Best"!
Hope you enjoy today's posting!!! Happy Stampin' Up!!!
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Love Always, Mui

Friday, May 24, 2013

CAL FIRE Thank You Goodies

Hi All,

After working with CAL FIRE for 2 1/2 years, I decided it was time to embark on a new adventure with a new State agency. But before I leave my wonderful great family at CAL FIRE, I thought I'll not just bake something for everyone, but make their own little goodie package. It was so fun making them and I got so addicted making them too. After baking (the banana breads, lemon bars, s'more cookies, and chocolate chip rice crispy cookies) the whole Sunday and then staying up packaging them, I was done by around 3:00-ish a.m., two-ish hours before I need to get ready to head to work. I made around 25 or was it 27 of them. Something like that.

So the time comes to hand them out, it was so nice to see the reaction of each coworkers and how appreciative they were. Well, I am appreciative of them and I couldn't thank them enough for everything they've done and just to make me always feel welcomed at home.

And of course, as always, making these are just so fun!!! It is addicting I am telling you!!!! And some of my coworkers kept these decoration and used them as decores of their cube! So cute!!!

It was sad to have to say good-bye, but at the same time I am excited for this new adventure!

Does it look good? Well, i know I ate plently! And my niece, Kayla helped me wrapped these up individually too. I think the funnest and the best time I had making them was when Kayla helped me. She is so adorable! She'll wrap each one of them and she'll sneak one in her mouth! So stinking cute!!!! She is so adorable and thoughtful, couldn't thank her enough for helping me making them. Thank you Kayla!!!

Enjoy!!! Thanks for dropping by!

Love always, SMILE!!!
Mui =)

Love - Parents' Frame


Something I always wanted to create for my parents, something that reminds them how much they love each other and how much they've been through as a married couple for more than 20+ years with eight wonderful kids. 

My parents never had it easy raising eight wonderful kids and we would always ask my parents, how on earth did they survived! We were little devils when we were young, well, we still are. I remembered some of the crazy bratest things we've done. Whenever we had gatherings, we will talk about the back-in-the-days and laugh and joke and point fingers at each other. We even point fingers at our parents and call my parents out!!! My parents...i meant our parents would just be the most adorabest cutest parents. They both have the funnest and kiddest personality, which makes us adore them in so many levels. They have the most caring and giving hearts too. I don't know how to put it in words, but I do hope this shows them how much they love each other and how much each one of her child appreciate and love them...

Here's two closer look for the details...

At the end it was framed.

I enjoyed making this for them and while I was going through hundreds of pictures to decide which photo I want to include, that was the most enjoyable moments, looking back at the memories of photos when we were young...childhood memories....

Thanks again for dropping by!

Love always, SMILE!!!
Mui =)

Thank you - Stacey

Good Morning,

It's funny how when you really think about it, your coworkers are like your family. We spend most of our time and dedication at work, so you build a meaningful relationship with your coworkers and you appreciate them in so many levels. One of the many grateful things I really appreciate going to work is being able to connect with my coworkers and working well with them. Sadly, when they leave, it's sad to see them go, but I am super grateful for them for their appreciation and I wish them good luck.

One of my dear, wonderful, talented, grateful, and so much more greatfulness from her, is one of my coworker Stacey Howell. I don't know how much to show my appreciate but to make her a card that I was trying to attempt a vintage feel for. She likes more of the vintage feel and designs. So I created this card and had everyone signed it. A card is the most thoughful warmest thing I believe you can ever give anyone. I think what makes all cards unique is when people write down and express themselve how much that person have done and how appreciative we are of that person.

And when creating a card for such a thoughtful person, making it is so fun!!! I had such a crazy time adding more and more and more and at the end, I LOVED this card so much. I think it's so far the prettest card I've ever made. 

You can't see it, but the cards opens up and the ribbon ties into a bow on the right to close the card.

Here's a closer look at the card.

It's just so pretty! haha I almost wanted to keep it for myself!!! But I also enjoyed giving it to my dear coworker to show my appreciation for everything she've done and how much I grew as a person, professionally. Thank you Stacey!

Thanks for dropping by!

Love always, SMILE!!!


2013 Breast Cancer Bake Sale

Hi Everyone,

So long time no posted, but I have been creating! Just so many things happened that I haven't had the time to share with everyone. Hope I'll try to continue to post some inspriation for you and hope you do find these creation inspirational.

I have been a little addicted to decorating package (always love how amazing people package their goodies), so I thought I'll give it a try with one of the event that happens every year at CAL FIRE, where I was currently working at when I created these, but currently not working there at the moment. The IT manager coordinate a bake sale for breast cancer to help raise money. This year, instead of just baking, I thought I'll decorate the bake goodies to help promote and thank those who help support the bake sale.

I had a lot of fun making these, who wouldn't right? The color is pink and the breast cancer logo is just so adorable you can make it with ribbons!!! Love the idea of creating the logo with a ribbon.

Hope you enjoyed the idea.

It was really fun to create and easy too. Plus the cookies are super yummie and the cupcake! =)
Thanks for dropping by!!!
Love Always, SMILE!
Mui =)