Saturday, February 21, 2015

Mini Oreo & Lemon Meringue Cheesecakes

Hi There,

Today I'm sharing a Mini Oreo Cheesecake and Mini Lemon Meringue Cheesecake I baked using Baked By Rachel this morning from one of my brothers' friends, Gerli. She tired a vanilla cheesecake my brother and I made for him and his friends' Christmas Party last year and she loved it. She is sooo sweet, she gave me a super-duper sweet compliment too. She was like, I loved how you decorated the place and said I'm super detailed and everything were sooooo yummie and delicious. So she hired me to make some cheesecakes for a party she is having.

So I thought I'll share =) Notice I've been also trying to take better photo hehe posing my desserts have been pretty fun and hahah messy too (but I'm not going to share haha).

[ Mini Oreo Cheesecake Recipe by Baked by Rachel ] 

[ Mini Lemon Meringue Cheesecakes by Baked by Rachel ]

I'll share the Mint Chocolate Chip Cake Recipe tomorrow. =) Thank you for dropping by today! I hope you enjoyed today's post.

Love always, SMILE!!! MUI HOANG

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Vanilla Cake with Fresh Strawberries Recipe

Hello there,

I'll be sharing some cake recipes I baked over the weekend but didn't get a chance to blog about it. But before I start....

So...I've always wanted to try to make a Vanilla Cake with Fresh Strawberries and Whipped Cream AND I also wanted to attempt to decorate a cake with Buttercream frosting pipped in that pretty Rosette look. So I thought why not give it a try instead of keep on wanting and wanting...Now I can check it off my list ;) and....'ll be one of my to-go to recipes. I love how the cake turned is very moist with a spongy texture too (not the wet type of texture) it was the yummie light soft texture. Soo good!!! And one of my favorite fruits on!!!

I think it turned out pretty yummie looking right? And it tasted YUMMIE!!! The cake was spongy, refreshing with some yummie fresh strawberries ;) Overall, I think it was a pretty successful cake and it'll be a cake I'll attempt again. 

Thank you for dropping by today! I hope you enjoyed today's post. 

Love always, SMILE!!! MUI HOANG


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Valentine Dessert Table for Bake Sale


One of my favorite holidays is coming up -- VALENTINE'S DAY!!!! I love this holiday for soooo sooo many reasons - the hearts! the colors! the cutie-ness! the O-M-G cupcakes!!! the love! the sweets! so soooo soooo soo much more!!! And since I fell-in-love with dessert table, crafting, and baking, I thought this year I'll have a Valentine Day Bake Sale (Feb 7th!). The outcome was beyond what I expected, so I was haha! in tears! YES! I was crying!!! lolz! First I was scared and started to panic and broke into tears, then I was in tears again knowing what good supportive family and friends I have. So I give you...

 I love the cute little Carousel and the Ferris Wheels cupcake stands - so adorable!!! I love all the pink, red, white and O-M-G HEARTS decoration too! The backdrop is created using what I built  and created for Emily & Jeremie's Wedding, as well as the coffee filter flowers (being resourceful hehe).


I got this frame from Michael's during black Friday (yes! that's where I shopped at during Black Friday lolz) and I knew I wanted to use it for a future dessert table. Then I used Stampin' Up! Project Life Love Story Card Collection instead of actual photos.

And who doesn't like Mason Jars?!? And then fill them up with cookies you get a YUMMIE SHOUT!!! I used Stampin' Up! Supplies to decorate these. They were so fun to make!!! and simple enough I can make a ton!!!! The same with the labels too that I created to display my hand-writing is horrible ='(
 This would NOT had happened if it wasn't for the following people:

[ Firstly....Jennifer Ly & Jeff Kincaid ]
I want to thank the following two friends who made this all happen:
JENNIFER LY & JEFF KINCAID!! I honestly don't know what I would do without you two!!! These two friends believe in me more than I believe in myself! They supported me morally and physically!!! Through the whole planning stage and on the day of the event, they even dropped by and helped me out too! I really don't know how to thank them but to tell them how much I appreciate and love them sooo much!

Jennifer not only came by to help me out, she asked her adorably talented daughter to draw me this: IT'S SOOO ADORABLE!!! I LOVE ALL HER ARTWORK!!! I actually post her drawing for inspirations ;)

And Jeff dropped by and got me hearts balloon (you know how much I love heart shapes! and balloons too!!!) and he helped me decorated it a adorable!!!

 [ Secondly... ]
My brothers - Charlie and Phillip for helping me run errands and believing in me! Although they did give me a hard time, BUT I know they mean well and was just worried about me lolz haha! sometimes I feel like they're much more mature than I am lolz

[ Lastly....]
ALL my siblings, your supports mean so much to me! And friends I've made through Jennifer - Jessica Silakhom and Karen Sangpanjun for supporting me through this journey too! And ALL the people who came and checked out the dessert table! you don't know how much that means to me! THANK YOU!!!

I hope I inspired you today on baking, stamping, creating, sharing, and much more! Thanks for dropping by!!! I hope to do another dessert table bake sale...we'll see when! hehe

Love always, SMILE!!! MUI HOANG
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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Timber! I Have Fallen For You

Hello There!!!

More Valentine Day's card creations!!! ;) Today is one of my favorite SU! Stamp set, especially when it comes to creating a masculine card - Wood You Be Mine?. I love the cute little Timber Man and of course all the little accessories it comes with too! There's just sooo many different possible ways to create this little cutie pie! I am super in love with the Stacked with Love DSP! I couldn't stop using it!!!

[ Timber! I Have Fallen For You - Front ] 
Isn't the wood block so stinking cute?!? I love how it formed a heart - you know me with hearts = cute cute cute cute CUTE!!!! ;) 

 [ Timber! I Have Fallen For You - Inside ] 
Isn't he super cute?!? and manly too ;) hehe

[ Timber! I Have Fallen For You - Inside Close Up] 
Okay, you really have to admit it, this timber is ADORABLE!!! hahah! I was about to color him, but it looked sooo cute I didn't and accented it with some patterned paper banner to the left top ;) 

That's it for me today!!! I'm having a bake sale this weekend, so busy crafting and setting up the dessert table and then I will be baking soon!!! Can't wait for it to all come together!!!

Thanks for dropping by!!! Happy Crafting!!!

Love always, SMILE!!! MUI HOANG
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Monday, February 2, 2015

You're My #1 Valentine - PP230

Hello there!

It's almost one of my favorite holiday - VALENTINE'S DAY!!! I love love LOVE all the cute little hearts, stamps, papers, colors about valentines!!!

Today, I created a cute little Foxy Valentine card using Hey, Valentine SU! Stamp Set. The first time I saw this stamp set, I knew I had to get it. It's a good stamp set for kids but works perfect with anyone too! It's a super-duper adorable must have stamp set. ;) Look how adorable the fox came out!!! I also love love the SU! Stacked with Love DSP Stack!!! It's a must have, love ever designs!!!

[ You're My #1 Valentine! - Front ]
Perfect card for anyone! And even for your kiddo too!!! Let's not forget them ;)

[ You're My #1 Valentine! - Front Close Up ]

[ You're My #1 Valentine! - Inside ]

Today's creation challenge I used is Paper Players #230, it's the perfect time to play with this team. I always love joining this team, they're always super inspirational!

Make sure to get these stamp sets, papers since they are on the Occassion Catalog until June 2nd. Also Reminder, Sale-A-Bration!!!! For every $50, you get a free product until March 31st!\!!! 

Thanks for dropping by!!! 

Love always, SMILE!!! MUI HOANG
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[Supplies Used]

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