Monday, March 2, 2015

Chocolate Cage Strawberry Cake

Hello There,

Thought I share this cake I baked three times during the weekend ;) One of my friends, Jennifer Ly asked me to bake a chocolate cake with fresh strawberries and whipped creamed and knowing me, i can't just bake a I thought I'll attempt to decorate it as well and I'm so glad I did. It's always sooo sooo fun to always be BAKING, CREATING, AND DESIGNING anything and everything. =) I super enjoyed it and when I posted it, I got two other requests to make it too. So I thought I'll wait until I finished all three then blog about it.




Hope you like today's cake design ;) I know I super-duper enjoyed baking it, creating it, and designing it ;)

Thank you for dropping by today!

Love always, SMILE!!! MUI HOANG
P: 916/897.4146

What I love to do...BAKE, CREATE, AND DESIGN!!! That's my motto ;) 

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