Thursday, July 24, 2014

Happy Birthday, Danny!

Hi All,

Today I want to share with you a special birthday card to a very special boy, named Danny Nickerson who is turning 6 years old on July 26th. He is currently battling cancer and he said all he wants for his upcoming birthday is a box of birthday cards...I was super moved from reading this. This all happened when a good friend of mine, Jennifer Ly thought of me and she knew I will be more than thrill and much more willing to make a card for this boy so she shared it on Facebook with me and her friends.

If you would like to send Danny a card, here's a little more information on News10:

I was very touched when I read this and jumped right on it and started forwarding this to others too and others started sharing with others too. A few people joined and was moved...some are either sending him a card or personally making a card for him.

When I read his story, many things were going through my mind...he inspired me in so many ways...he became my hero, so I couldn't resist to make him a heroic card, telling him, he became others hero and letting him know not only his family is praying for him, but others he had touched.

Here's what I made for him and I hope he likes it...

I also included some stickers...If you know me, I've always collected stickers for years and stickers always puts a huge smile on my face, so I hope these stickers also puts a big smile on his sweet face as well. =)

Thanks to the Nickerson, I have something to give to Danny. Thank you so much for sharing and letting us share. We all wish Danny and the Nickersons the best.

Thank you for letting us become apart of this.

Love always, SMILE!!!

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