Sunday, January 18, 2015

Casino Dessert Table - Jessica's 34th Birthday

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Sorry! I didn't mean to not be blogging...BUT I haven't been lazy crafting and baking. Today I'm sharing with you a Casino Dessert Table for one of my very good friend/hiking buddy, Jessica Silakhom's 34th birthday. Her sister, Karen contacted me and she wanted to throw a surprised birthday party for Jessica and hired me to create a casino dessert table and oh boy, was it soooooo stinking fun!!! And it's always an honor when someone loves and invites me to be apart of a wonderful celebration.

A little something about Jessica that I think her family, relatives, friends, and anyone who knows her agrees. Just an FYI, she isn't a gambler or love love casino, her sister, Karen thought it would be a cool idea to create a casino theme - which I think is perfect! It represent Jessica in another way - the high roller rush when she hikes 12+ miles all the way up to a 3,000+ elevation gain; she constantly bets on her life with her adventurous rush in hikes, vacations, obstacles, and much much more! The best way to represent how sweet, giving, kind and a lot more is to show how sweet she is with all the varieties of desserts.

So I give you....
[ Jessica's 34th Casino Birthday Dessert Table ] 
There are dices, chips, cards, shot glasses...and much much more that screams FUN!!! LET'S PLAY!!! 

[ Some Close Ups of the Dessert Table] 

*NOTE:  The photos above are different from the photo below because I usually pre-set everything up at my places and take photos ;) this way it also helps me know what I need to bring and not forget something ;) and only usually takes me 30 mins or so to set up ;)

[ FINALE - At Jessica's House ] 
Please note, the cake in the center is baked and designed by Sweet Escape by Betty. 

[ Here's the birthday girl - JESSICA!!! ] 

I hope you enjoyed today's post!!! I know I super enjoyed the party..i ate so much i think i gained another 20+ pounds! Everything was super-duper delicious!!! Everyone there were super-duper friendly and funny! I'm was so glad to be apart of this!


Thanks for dropping by!!! let me know what you think by leaving a comment ;)

Love always, SMILE!!! MUI HOANG
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All desserts were baked by me using these lovely recipes I found:
  • Oreo Cheesecake Bites by Life in the Lofthouse, when she mentioned "divided" that just means when you use 24 oreos for the crust and the rest to fold it in the cheesecake ;) 
  • Lemon Crinkles Cookies by Frugal Antic, I also added 1 tsp of lemon zest and 1-2 tsp of lemon juice/extract. Any cake mix boxes will work perfect ;) 
  • True Tiramisu found it at Examiner, I cut the soft lady fingers (can be found at Trader Joe's) and layer it as I go. 
  • Sugar Cookies by Sugar Belle's - I still need to master this as you can see from my photo, i didn't do a good job =( but I will be practicing a lot!!! 
  • Chocolate Cupcake by Your Cup of Cake
  • White Chocolate Mousse Frosting by Your Cup of Cake 
  • White Display Stands with ribbons - Home Goods
  • Silver Display Stands - Safeway (Floral Area)
  • White Plates - Costco 
  • Candy Jars - Michael's
  • French Fries Boxes - Stamping' Up Fry Box Bigz L Die 
  • Jackpot and Place Your Bets signs - Party City
  • Cupcake Liners - Designed by Mui Hoang, Something For Everyone
  • Cupcake Topper - Designed by Mui Hoang, Something For Everyone
  • Jessica Banner - Designed by Mui Hoang, Something For Everyone
  • Dices - Designed by Mui Hoang, Something For Everyone
  • Pretty much any little details - hehe they were designed by Mui Hoang, Something For Everything ;) 

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