Sunday, January 4, 2015

Macaron Attempted - Failed...but getting close =)


So, I didn't make it to my crafting room, but again made it into the kitchen! Trying to attempt macarons and I FAILED! but I'M NOT GOING TO GIVE UP!!! I made a promise to myself that I'll learn these little suckers!!! So far, they're coming up with feet, but they're hollow!!! I tried 5 times, 3 times yesterday night and two times this morning and my FIFTH BATCH!!! a tad hollow but not super-duper yet!!! Until i get it right, I won't share what I did. I'll try to get it right and then share it, but haha! i guess posting this failure will encourage me to try it more and tell others it's okay to fail! 

I got to admit, these little suckers are sooo adorable, but they are hahah a pain!!!!! Here's my fifth macaron batch attempt...looks pretty close right? hehe! I'm still going to keep trying once i get my hands on more almond flour. 

Here's how the inside of my macarons turned out...see not super-duper hollow right? hehe but i know i know I'll need a lot more practice...=)

I hope you're starting your morning a lot better than my failure macaron attempt (hehe).

I think this time I'm really going into my craft room and do a little Stamping' Up stamping to get my minds off macarons, or haha I might end up making a macaron card! we'll see!!! 

Happy Sunday to you!!! 

Thank you,
Love always, SMILE!!! MUI HOANG
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