Monday, December 22, 2014

Day 1 Christmas Hot Chocolate Bar & Crafting Fun

Hello There,

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I know I surely did, had a Family & Friend's Christmas Gathering. I'll be sharing three days of how much fun we had. =)  Today, I am sharing the set up for the Hot Chocolate Bar and some fun crafting for the kiddos. Maybe this is something you'll want to set up for the kiddos, because they surely enjoyed creating their own little warm hot chocolate, candy canes, and decorating gingerbread cookies. They also super appreciated the hand-stamped mini coffee cups as well too! It was so fun seeing them happy faces!!!

[ Hot Chocolate Bar ]
Set up a Christmas Hot Chocolate Bar with different varieties 
of favors, marshmallows and candies to choose from. 
The adults and especially the kiddos sure enjoyed it. 

Aren't these windows cute? These were handmade by one of my very good friend, 
Jeff Kincaid! LOVE them so much!!! It really made everything super-duper cute! 

The kiddos sure enjoyed these cute little 
They couldn't stop saying how cute they were! If you do end up using them, 
double the cups, they are a little too thin or dress them up with a cute little selve =)

These candy and marshmallow labels are super easy to make! Designed by me ;) 

[ Crafting Station ]
We made cute reindeer candy canes and decorated Gingerbread Head cookies
They were a huge hit, the kiddos sure enjoyed creating tons of cookies. I highly recommending baking your own gingerbread cookies circle cut outs and get the sparkling icing not the decorative icing because it was a lot easier to squeeze.  

My friend, Jennifer and I taught the kids to make candy cane reindeers. 
We were in charge of helping them apply the hot glue, and 
they stick the cute little red noses and eyes on ;) super cute and fun! 

Hope you're enjoying your Christmas Party planning. I sure enjoyed setting up these two stations for the kiddos. They sure had a fun time!

Love always, SMILE!!!
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