Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Day 2 Dessert Table & Cookie Wrapping Station

Hello There,

Day 2 of the Family and Friend's Christmas Party - 12/20/14 Hosted by my brothers (Phillip & Charlie) and I. Today, I'll be sharing the creations of the Christmas Dessert Table and the Cookie Wrapping Station. It was a lot of fun setting these up and these stations were greatly appreciated by all our family and friends.

[ Christmas Dessert Table ] 
Here's a full view of the Christmas Dessert Table Set up and some close ups.
All these desserts were baked by me the night before and the day of the party! ;)
It was a LOT of fun!!!

Rice Crispy Treats with some Golden Grahams Cereal 

[ Cookie Wrapping Station ] 
Below and a few close up pictures of the cookie wrapping station. 
We thought it'll be a cute idea for our guest to wrap some cookies home 
for a midnight snack or to make as many as they want to to share with 
their family and friends as well ;) All were baked by me, except for one ;)

Chocolate White Mac Cookies were baked and provided by Jeff Kincaid, my friend. 
I made these labels to wrap around Miniatures Hershey's Candies to add a cute little festive touch ;) 

I made a little step-by-step sample. ;) 

That's all for today!!! Tomorrow I will be sharing the set up of the Photo Booth and some other mini decorations we did.

It's really almost Christmas!!!! Thank you again for dropping by!!! Hope you have a wonderful rest of Tuesday!!!

Love always, SMILE!!!
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