Friday, December 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Bling Card

Good Morning Everyone!

Today is one of my nieces' bday - Missy. Kayla Cen!!! Happy Birthday to her!!! She is turning 11 today and I'm so excited that today I'm off at work so I was able to stay up a little to finish her card! I do sure hope she likes it!!! =) I know I might had went a little crazy with the "blings", but I just wanted this card to sparkles!! Hopefully I accomplished it!! =) Can't wait for my family to sign the card, it always adds a layer of icing to the card. 

This card was fun to make, not only because I love turquoise/blue-ish and brown, but that's my niece's favorite color!!! My niece is also a fun and cheerful person, so I wanted to make this card shine like she does. And Stampin' Up helped me find the prefect phrase by using the Create a Cupcake stamp set.

Hope you all like it! Thank you so much for dropping by. Can't wait for tonight's dinner to celebrate my niece's bday with the Loud Hoangs!

Love Mui =)

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