Thursday, December 22, 2011

Invitation: Baby Shower

Goodie Morning Everyone!!!

Again, sorry for not keeping up!!! Just too much to do during this time of the year!!!! But I am enjoying it, just been running around like a chicken!!!

Happy to share these adorable invitations I've been working on and hopefully my sister's coworker Annie likes them.  She asked me to make her a baby shower invitation for her brother who is expecting twins - Allison and Brook (what adorable names right?!?) and such exciting news!!! 

I made it into two different colors to represent one of each but in the center of each onsies are two adorable hand stamped baby to represent the newborns!!!  For the information I printed it out as there were specific information on the card.  The baby shower theme was lady bugs so I created two cute lady bugs inside the invitation.  I also used polka dots because lady bugs just reminds me of polka dots - and accent it with some black paper and red polka dots patterns.

Thanks for dropping by!!!

Love, Mui =)

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