Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Stampin' Up: Celes' 1st Birthday Invitation

HelloOooooO Again!

I promise no more for today! =) But might be crafting tonight!!! ;) hopefully because I am in the crafting mood right now. ;)

So, I told you I've been somewhat keeping myself busy! My sister's coworker, Annie asked me to help her make her EXTREMELY adorable daughter, Celes' 1st birthday invitation! Of course I cannot say no, I mean just look at how adorable she looks!!!

I'm so happy with the final outcome.  It was a chanellenge at first because the photos were actually 5x7 I believe and they were a little too big, i didn't want to cut the picture because she looked perfect and I always have a hard time "trimming" photos.  So I was arguing with myself if I should or not.  At the end I did and I was glad I got over the "fear" of trimming photos.

And then I didn't want it to be any regular invitation, plus I thought it'll be fun if the invitation can be hung up, so I added a little hanger on top.  It can also be like a little reminder for the invitees to remember to come whe it's hanging on their fridge, desk, room, etc! Thought I'll try to add an extra fun cuteness like how Celes' looks in both pictures.  Sorry about the second photo, i thought I took a better quality picture but I didn't =( a little disappointed with myself.....but....

Hope you enjoyed today's project fo cuteness!!!

Thanks for dropping by and the supports!!!

Love Mui =)

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  1. Love it so much!!! You did such a great jobs.