Monday, June 10, 2013

Mini Cupcake Cards

Hello There!!!

Crazy Saturday Heat = Crazy Stay Indoor = Crazy Crafting Day!!!
So here’s a cute (I really do mean cute) little mini cards that I’ve been dying to make. I love these cute little scallop edges and love love love cupcakes (if you don’t know, my family and close friends know how much I love cupcakes, hearts, papers, stickers, and much much more). So I was dying (yes keep having to say dying dying dying) to make these. I love baking cupcakes, especially mini ones, so why not mini HAPPY BIRTHDAY CUPCAKES cards. I want to make a rainbow of these cupcake cards, so this was what happened….

And then I got addicted making them, so I thought why not THANK YOU CUPCAKES? So it led to these….

Oh it was so fun and I was so happy with the result!!! I just can’t wait to give them out or should I give them to someone as a set….we’ll see!!!! I actually wanted to make more too!!! I mighhhhht…or this can be a project with someone or a few others!!! =)

Thank you for stopping by!!!
Love always,
Mui Hoang
Stampin' Up Demonstrator

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