Monday, June 10, 2013

Stampin’ Up Happy Retirement Relaxation

Hello Everyone! 

It is exciting when you meet people down the road who enjoys and appreciates the things you enjoy doing. I was in training one day and I was talking to this guy sitting next to me. We were sharing our hobbies and things we like. He was telling me he created his garage into a wood shop and he loves to make mini little gifts to people. How much I admire those who can create and be creative and share their creativities with others…so inspiring. So I told him, I enjoy crafting and I love to make personalized cards for others. So I showed him some of the cards I’ve made too. He loved them!!! And asked me to make him a Retirement cards (I was of course jumping in joy from the heart hehe). So of course I would love to. It’s honestly the sweetest thing when people admire and show appreciation on the creative things anyone do.

It was a challenge to make something that I wasn’t too sure if another person would like it or not too. But, it’s not hard because when creating if you are creating something that you, yourself know that you would love, it will make any challenge easy. Or maybe I should actually say, not challenge but afraid, but then again that’s the same too, why afraid when it’s something I myself would like….so scratch that….

But any who, when creating this card, I always wanted to add these cute little flowers to the cards so I thought this is my chance to see how I want to use these cute little flowers that’s been sitting in the jar since I bought them. (Woo hoo, finally able to use them.) I added a hint of glitter to the flowers to give that cute little shinny look. And since it’s a retirement cards, I wanted to create a “relaxation” card, so I thought of the color blue and flowers and butterflies. And of course I need to add the “bling” to the card to give it that extra “relaxation” look and feel.

Hope you like today’s posting. Thank you for dropping by.
Love always,
Mui Hoang
Stampin' Up Demonstrator

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