Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Stampin' Up Paper Pumpkin Sign up by February 10th

Hi All,

Are you interested in a FREE CLASS!!! IF I can get 7 people sign up for Paper Pumpkin ONLY $19.95 each person, I'll put together a class for free when you bring in the Paper Pumpkin Kit FOR $19.95! This kit will include everything you'll need, plus you'll get to make it with some talented creative people AND AND my class will be free!!!

HELP ME PLEASE!!! I'll get like over $500 dollar worth of FREE retired products! Ahhh!!! Just thinking about that will be like OMG!!! O.o!!! And you ONLY need to sign up for that month, the following month you don't have to commit to it, you can simply cancel it!!! LET ME KONW IF YOU'RE INTRESTED!!! I'M LIKE SUPER INTERESTED IF YOU ARE A LITTLE INTERESTED!!!! THIS WOULD MEAN SOOOOO MUCH!!! 

So this is HOW THIS WORKS: (1) You sign up BEFORE/BY February 10th through me (must through me so i'll qualify). (2) You'll receive the kit by February 15th. (3) I'll host the FREE class either Saturday/Sunday February 22/23 depending on enrollments. Simply and easy!!! ;)

You'll get all these with the 19.95 enrollment, 
A FREE MARKET SET (value at 14.95) and 
A FREE CLASS (value at $15-$20.00)… AND AND AND 
If you are new to Paper Pumpkin, you get this below for FREE!!!! 
that's a lot of FREE STUFF!! Don't wait! contact me now! =)

…AND you will be helping me get this! I'll make this class a class you'll enjoy.

DON'T WAIT!!!! CONTACT ME at I would really LOVE to hear from you. 

Love always, SMILE!!! 

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